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Publisher of “Fat – Chance to heal” and future books in THE VIBRATION SERIES by author, coach and researcher Walt Satyre.

About the book


I am Walt Satyre, founder of Astrobiomancy Ltd. and author of “Fat – Chance to heal” and future books in THE VIBRATION SERIES.

Since a website like this one is unlikely to be found by chance, I assume you came here after reading my book, or at least after having heard about it and because you want to find out more. So thank you for your interest in my teachings and for the courage to look outside of the conventional model for answers about diet, health and life!

As a researcher, author, coach and individual I cherish freedom, independence, spontaneity, privacy and solitude above almost anything else. Being a sigma male, one could say that the success of my work depends on these conditions. Therefore, I decided to remain anonymous in order to take the messenger completely out of the picture and let the message of vibration, and the vibration of my message, speak for itself.

A part of this decision was to forego a conventional contact form and not being available for fixed consultations via telephone or video calls. This doesn’t mean that you cannot get your questions answered, however.

My goal has always been to help others by teaching them what I have learned myself, and what I’ve lately been inspired to write about regarding the topic of vibration as it relates, in particular, to diet and health. After almost 20 years of intense study and research I like to think that I am quite capable of providing counseling on these subjects, but I let you be the judge of that after you have read "Fat - Chance to heal?". This book, however informative it may be, merely scratches the surface of the deep transformation that in-depth knowledge of the idea of vibration can facilitate. Much more information and a deeper understanding can be provided to individuals who are interested in my services.

In order to do my work consistently and further the goal of spreading this knowledge to the best of my ability, I decided to have this website created. It is meant to accompany the books, and furthermore allows interested readers to gain knowledge or get help that goes beyond what the books alone can teach.

Since no one can currently live on this earth for free, my time, help, knowledge and expertise can be bought like those of any other coach, but unlike many others who create one coaching for all, my service will be tailored to the individual.

To that end, there exists the possibility to ask questions about various topics or get certain energy work done, all of which is detailed under the Services section of this website. These are the services I can confidently provide, and I welcome orders from readers of my books who would like to get further help and counsel.

To properly understand my answers regarding diet and health in the context of my teachings, I highly recommend to read my book “Fat – Chance to heal” before you contact me. The book already answers many questions and gives a lot of recommendations, tips and tricks for improved health and wellbeing. Apart from that, I might be referring to information from that book when I answer, so you need to be familiar with the basics of vibration as it relates to diet to make sure you receive the greatest benefit from my answers.

For the other services no background knowledge is needed, as I will answer specific questions about an individual or their environment, or have energy work done as needed, provided it is allowed by the higher self of a client.

Please visit the Services section for further information on how to get in touch with me and to find out more about the different offers.

Thanks again for coming here, and for taking your health and life into your own hands, thereby making your world a better place!


Please select the service you’re interested in via the links below or the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Note that none of these services contain medical advice. If you have serious health issues it is recommended to contact your doctor or other licensed healthcare practitioner.

What does Dietary / Health advice entail?

In-depth analysis of the client's current issues and advice based on vibrational parameters on how to change diet, thinking patterns and lifestyle for improved health and wellbeing, in order to facilitate groundbreaking positive life-changes.

What does Energy work / Removal entail?

Non-local perception of energetic blockages and harmful energies/entities and removal of same by higher aspects of the energy worker. Free bonus for this package if requested: Help with the removal of fears and inhibitions.

What do Biomantic / Astrobiomantic readings entail?

Readings of the biomantic field of the client and/or selected other individuals or animals, and communication of perceived bio-energetic and/or planetary (archetypal) indicators to the client.

What do Geomantic / Astrogeomantic readings entail?

Readings of the geomantic field of the client's environment and/or selected other environments, and communication of perceived geo-energetic and/or planetary (archetypal) indicators to the client.